Help The Uyghurs

Help The Uyghurs

We deeply appreciate the privilege of assisting you as you Help Uyghurs Now

Please complete any (or all) of the below options:

  1. Be informed: 5 minutes

Watch Rushan’s story – (her youtube video will be visible here)

  1. Call for action: 4 minutes

Tell your senator to sign the “Uighur Human Rights Act” by sharing your email address and other information here –

  1. Support the cause and raise awareness at the same time: 4 minutes

Buy a T-shirt for a minimum donation of $19.99 

  1. Give others an opportunity to Help Uyghurs Now: 1 minute

Send this link to at least one friend who wants to Help Uyghurs Now – (we’ll have an image of someone sharing their heart here… like passing a turquoise heart to someone else)

  1. Buy a Tshirt from Bonfire:

 On behalf of the 3 Million captive Uyghurs and their millions of concerned friends and family members, we sincerely thank you for Helping Uyghurs Now

To stay informed about the Uyghur Crisis and to learn more about Rushan feel free to visit