Day: 14 December 2019

Scoop: China tried to get World Bank to fund surveillance in Xinjiang

Source: AXIOS Chinese recipients of World Bank loans tried to secure funding for the purchase of facial recognition technology for use in China’s northwest region of Xinjiang, according to documents obtained by Axios. Why it matters: The World Bank’s loan program in Xinjiang demonstrates the extreme moral hazard that is now facing any organization with operations […]

Kilgour: The world must take action against China’s persecution of the Uyghurs

Source: OTTAWA CITIZEN Uyghurs have been sent to more than 1,300 camps in Xinjiang in western China without trial or any legal procedure, according to Adrian Zenz, European academic and expert on China’s ethnic policies. They endure endless hours of brainwashing that “kill the memory of who they are, wipe out their separate identity, language […]

Xinjiang’s New Slavery

Source: FOREIGN POLICY Employment: Yarkant County satellite factory [for] persons in detention or reeducation.” The spreadsheet, obtained from a cache of local government files, lists the employment status of nearly 2,000 Uighurs—but the 148 entries that carry this particular designation stand out like a sore thumb. Since spring 2017, the Chinese government has placed vast […]