Day: 3 December 2019

US: China Targets Uighur Mosques to Eradicate Minority’s Faith

Source: VOA News WASHINGTON – A U.S. State Department official accused China of attempting to erase the Muslim identity of Uighurs by seeking to demolish or close places of worship in Xinjiang in northwest China. The official, who spoke to VOA on the condition of anonymity, said the Chinese Communist Party in its campaign against […]

China Uyghur Analytic Projects Require Intel And NVIDIA, Intel Condemns, NVIDIA Silent

Source: IPVM At least 8 PRC China police projects require NVIDIA and Intel chips to power their Uyghur-detecting analytics, according to procurement documents found by IPVM. Intel promptly condemned the usage while NVIDIA remains silent to IPVM inquiries. Intel told IPVM it had no idea about this and condemned human rights abusing applications of their […]

‘The Equivalent of Cultural Genocide’

Source: SPIEGEL ONLINE ‘The Equivalent of Cultural Genocide’ China’s diplomats refrain from uttering his name in public, even though many of them are confronted with his work on an almost daily basis. An anthropologist from Germany, Adrian Zenz, 45, has almost singlehandedly triggered a debate that is proving to be a challenge for the Chinese […]