Month: November 2019

Newly Leaked Official Chinese Documents Include Operating Manual For Xinjiang Internment Camps

Source: Radio Free Asia Newly leaked Chinese government documents include the first known “manual” for operating internment camps in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), providing local authorities with guidelines on how to prevent escapes, keep the program a secret, and use “points” to grade detainees. An “Autonomous Region State Organ Telegram,” issued in 2017 […]

Expert Says 1.8 Million Uyghurs, Muslim Minorities Held in Xinjiang’s Internment Camps

Source: Radio Free Asia Authorities in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) have detained up to 1.8 million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in as many as 1,300 to 1,400 internment camps, one of the world’s foremost experts on mass incarcerations in the region said in a paper released Sunday. Adrian Zenz, senior fellow […]

Destroying Mosques: China’s Umpteenth Attempt to Wipe Out Uyghur Identity

Source: The Globe Post During the early 1980s, in the villages surrounding Hotan, a city in the Uyghur region in western China, residents worked diligently to raise funds and construct new mosques. In a brief period of loosening restrictions following the devastation of the Cultural Revolution, faithful Uyghurs eagerly took up the opportunity to build and […]

‘Absolutely No Mercy’: Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims

HONG KONG — The students booked their tickets home at the end of the semester, hoping for a relaxing break after exams and a summer of happy reunions with family in China’s far west. Instead, they would soon be told that their parents were gone, relatives had vanished and neighbors were missing — all of them […]

5 Takeaways From the Leaked Files on China’s Mass Detention of Muslims

HONG KONG — Internal Chinese government documents obtained by The New York Times have revealed new details on the origins and execution of China’s mass detention of as many as one million Uighurs, Kazakhs and other predominantly Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang region. The 403 pages reveal how the demands of top officials, including President Xi Jinping, led […]

How AI and human rights have been dragged into the US-China tech war, threatening wider split

When Trump administration officials announced on October 7 that they were banning some of China’s most feted artificial intelligence and surveillance companies from buying US technology, the move caught Chinese policymakers off guard. Back in May, the Commerce Department cited national security concerns when it barred Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei from buying US technology. In […]

Inside Xinjiang’s five-star propaganda tour

Covering a crisis from the outside is a challenging, but often necessary, job. I have never set foot anywhere near China — and yet I’ve spent much of the past year reporting on stories from inside Xinjiang, the modern-day police state in the country’s northwest. I’ve covered the Uyghur humanitarian crisis from Europe and Turkey, or […]

The Importance of the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On September 11, 2019, the U.S. Senate passed S. 178: Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019, which calls on various U.S. agencies to report on the living conditions of the Uyghurs, a predominantly Muslim, Turkic ethnic group in China. Now, the bill must pass the House of Representatives. S. 178 is […]

Female Detainees at Xinjiang Internment Camps Face Sterilization, Sexual Abuse: Camp Survivor

Female detainees at internment camps in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) are routinely forced to take medication that affects their reproductive cycles, and are tortured, denied treatment for health problems, and subjected to sexual and other forms of abuse, according to a former inmate. Tursunay Ziyawudun, a 41-year-old Uyghur woman from Kunes (Xinyuan) […]