Day: 5 October 2019

A Uighur scholar facing potential execution is one of over a million detained by China

Nury Tiyip grew up following in his brother Tashpolat’s footsteps: from their hometown of Ili, a remote city near the Chinese-Soviet border; to Urumqi, where they both played volleyball at Xinjiang University; to Japan, where they also studied. Tashpolat was Nury’s idol and a model citizen — a member of the Muslim Uighur minority who […]

China coerces Uighur women into unwanted marriages

In China’s western Xinjiang province, Uighur women are marrying Han men, but not because they want to. If they refuse, the women and their families could be arrested or sent to an internment camp. The Uighurs are a predominantly Muslim, Turkic ethnic minority, while the Han are China’s largest ethnicity. Historically, levels of inter-marriage were low. The […]

‘There Was a Cemetery Outside The Detention Center in Kashgar:’ Asylum Seeker

Kong Yuanfeng arrived on the Pacific island of Saipan, a commonwealth of the United States, last March after fleeing China. Kong had run afoul of the ruling Chinese Communist Party while working as a laborer in the southern province of Guangdong in September 2001, and was handed a 10-year prison term as part of a […]

Video showing hundreds of shackled, blindfolded prisoners in China is ‘genuine’

  Human rights groups say China is holding one million people, mostly ethnic Uighurs, at detention camps – a charge Beijing denies. Online footage purporting to show hundreds of blindfolded and shackled prisoners in a mostly Muslim region of China is believed to be authentic, a European security source has told Sky News. The detainees […]